Marketing Tidbits: Forget Your Weaknesses

by admin on August 24, 2015

We get the impression that successful people are good at doing everything well, and they learn all the skills needed to run their businesses….

…That they work hard on all their weaknesses and make them their strong points.

I am wondering how my life would be if I did that. Constantly working on my weaknesses and trying to be a well-rounded person.

In my opinion, If I did that, I would be miserable and unhappy all the time.

Rather than trying to be a well-rounded person, I recommend you just do what you’re great at and outsource the weakness. In other words, instead of working on your weakness, find other people to do what you’re weak at.

Forget your weaknesses and play on your strengths. You’ll be a much happier and healthier person.

I enjoy writing emails, designing campaigns, improving on conversions part of my business — the rest, I leave it to people who enjoy doing them.

If driving traffic is your weakness, let people who are good at it do it for you.


The most misunderstood concept in the personal development circle is that “big achievers” learn and implement ALL the skills needed to be a success.


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