Rent-A-List is now WebTraffic21!

Dear Rent-A-List'ers:

Together we have come a long way with traffic and online promotions. Where advertising and promotions used to be managed soley on desktop computers is now transitioned into mobile and other devices.

I am thrilled to announce that we have relaunced Rent-A-List as Webtraffic21!

Webtraffic21 is not only a new name but a new upgraded platform and way to enhance your efforts in promoting your offers online.

  • Mobile optimized pages to start and manage all your ad campaigns.
  • Energized and more responsive subscribers and publishers.
  • 21 Major Targets and sub-targets to target your campaigns.
  • Increased our advertising budgets to bring in a fresh new audience for your offers.
  • Updated ad design services that work with mobile emails.
  • Pay only for the clicks that you receive.
  • Everyday low prices allows you to reach more prospects with the same budget.
  • Further savings with subscription plans.
  • Higher affiliate commissions for referring us.

There are many improvements and features that we are adding to Webtraffic21 that you will love.

How to manage your current active campaigns.

You can log into your account using the same information that was used for Rent-A-List. All your campaigns are still live and running just as it would on Rent-A-List.

Rent-a-list is now WebTraffic21. You can begin experiencing the new platform today by going to WebTraffic21.

You may also be wondering about the new name. With an exciting and limitless future in online advertising, we chose Webtraffic21 to better convey our vision and represent the 21 major markets we are familiar with.  It�s a name that inspires us and we hope it will inspire you as well.

We�ll continue to share our progress towards this vision, and look forward to creating more success for your business than ever before.

Looking forward to helping you!

Best regards,

Abe Cherian
Founder, Multiple Stream Media

PS. If you would like to access the old interface please login here.